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jewelry with natural
Baltic amber


We have a wide range of silver jewelry with the use of amber and natural stones. 


Emphasize the natural beauty

STUDIO DF is a company specialized in the design and production of high quality unique silver jewelry with natural amber and other decorative stones.

We also make unique forms of amber and silver adorning the exclusive interiors of people seeking originality and prestige. They found their supporters in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Natural stones


Mamy dla Państwa NOWOŚCI!

Zapraszamy do galerii gdzie pojawiły się zdjęcia najnowszych prac. Dla miłośników bursztynu mamy także piękne i pełne ruchu postacie. Zapraszamy do kontaktu. 

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Studio with passion

We are a member of the National Chamber of Amber in Poland and the International Amber Association.

Unique jewelry

Check out our latest unique products and choose your unique design that will suit you. 

Author's jewelry from the studio

Top quality amber and stones

Jewelry made to order

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